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orfeas0 said: Is the padfone station fully working as a tablet? Someone told me it has a little bit of lag, it's not like a normal tablet. What's the case here?

I never noticed a lag. The tablet mode runs on the same Android system, and given the flagship sepc, there should be no delay. I never noticed any. If it was to do with a specific bug back then, it should be fixed by now. I’m using the new PadFone Infinity (A86) at the moment.

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Link 10 Jul 5 notes DARREN MURPH: Six Years writing, and all I feel is grateful»


Six years ago, my life changed. I went from working 6-3 every day to working 6-midnight. (My first post ever was published at 11:27PM after at least 5 hours of edits.)

It was a glorious day. A few people commented, the 3-4 people currently working nights at Engadget were pleased to have the…

Link 19 Mar 29 notes DARREN MURPH: I wrote a book: iPad Secrets»



“Going to print”

Three little words, but to me, they mean so much. In a matter of weeks, I’ll be a published author. The book is titled “iPad Secrets,” a guide to everything possible on your iPad that you may not have ever known was actually possible. It’ll ship to a slew of e-tailers…

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Today was my first time landing in Los Angeles, and while the layout of the airport alone is pretty bizarre already, what I saw before getting past the passport checkpoint was even more saddening.

An officer — seemingly frustrated by a couple’s English illiteracy — came out of his booth and inspected the next man’s passport. After confirming that his first language is Arabic, the officer showed him a small piece of paper and asked him if he knew the handwritten word on it.

"TERRORIST" was the word.

The young, casually dressed traveler shook his head, so the officer frowned and mumbled, “Hmm, interesting,” before returning to the couple at his booth.

I don’t think the officer had ill intentions, but there’s obviously something very fucked up here. It’d be naïve of me to say that someday the word “terrorist” will no longer be brought up at security checkpoints due to certain racial backgrounds, but one can only hope.

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you thought I didn’t really notice. But I did. I wanted to high-five you. Yesterday I had a pair of brothers in my store. One was maybe between 15-17. He was a wrestler at the local high school. Kind of tall, stocky and handsome. He had a younger brother, who was maybe about 10-12 years old. The…

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nickhaseeb said: I am visiting Hong Kong and Beijing in the next few days. I want to buy the Xiaomi phone. Can you help me out?

You can’t buy the Xiaomi Phone in Hong Kong, I’m afraid. Not even imported ones because Xiaomi’s been struggling to keep up with the demand, plus it never planned to sell the phone outside mainland China.

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Congrats, Jony!

Link 27 Dec 49 notes DARREN MURPH: Chris Grant is leaving Joystiq, and other crazy clarifications / confessions »

This year I’ve had to repeat a lot of things mentioned in this post when people asked me about Engadget, The Verge and AOL. It isn’t short but well worth a read. Also, I wish Chris Grant all the best — it doesn’t take much for one to see what a talented and witty gentleman he is. I will miss him.


[Note: That title should say: ‘Chris Grant is leaving Joystiq, and other crazy clarifications / confessions’]

It’s true. One of the most upstanding people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work alongside of is leaving Joystiq at the end of this year, and he’s taking two of his confidants with him….

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Happy Halloween from all of us here in the Hong Kong MTR, where everyone loves Halloween.
Taken one year ago today by Sue Tsang.



Happy Halloween from all of us here in the Hong Kong MTR, where everyone loves Halloween.

Taken one year ago today by Sue Tsang.

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