Text 1 Jun iPad Hong Kong price prediction

These results are based on the average UK:HK Apple price ratio (but excluding iPhones because the UK ones are actually cheaper). T’was just a quick Excel job.


16GB HK$4078

32GB HK$4748

64GB HK$5698

Wi-Fi + 3G:

16GB HK$5028

32GB HK$5698

64GB HK$6648

If you’re in Hong Kong and have patience for the July launch, then you can save yourself a fair bit of money plus keeping the Apple warranty.

I still don’t want an iPad, though.

Anyway, here’s a chart comparing UK and HK prices for all the main Apple products (based on prices posted on 1st June 2010, with £1 = HK$11.4):

So, do consider buying a MacBook there while you’re next in town, fellow Brits!

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